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Enduring Design

Moment Lounge Chair

We believe in designs that endure through time. Designs that possess an unwavering staying power. Timeless and sustainable.

The sleek profile of the shell provides a contemporary feel while keeping the
traditional charm of a lounge chair.

Suitable for lounge spaces in
offices, hotel, and retail.

Moment Lounge Chair

Sugiura Tetsuma

“Growing up in the suburbs of Nagoya, Japan, I often took the train to work and to other cities, to meet friends and relatives.

The station is always the place where the journey starts and ends. Stepping in a train station brings back a lot of sweet and bitter memories.

I spent a lot of time observing the “moment” happening there. It’s a meeting point for departure and arrival, a place to unite and to part ways with loved ones. Filled with various emotions woven by people.

No matter what the emotions are, the train stays on track. The journey must go on, no matter what the destination brings. The destination awaits.

I believe that designing is a continuous journey and the opportunity to provide a special moment. Embracing the emotions, staying on track towards perfection.

Departing from a rough idea and concept, stopping at several stations to find engineering and costing solutions, finally arriving at the ideal shape and comfort.

Destination: Enduring Design.”

Sugiura Tetsuma

Sugiura Tetsuma


Recycled Fabric



W670, D690, SH440, H780 mm


Fabric/leatherette upholstery.
High-density PU moulded foam.
Matte black powder-coated steel base.

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Moment Lounge Chair