About Us

Our Vision

Our goal is to make premium designed office furniture more accessible. Accessible in price and production. Premium designs that are subtle in aesthetic and timeless in style.

We empower Interior Designers to create elegant office spaces that inspire, by providing them with Pure Minimal, New Timeless, and Empowered Immersion Designs.

Our Leadership Team

The business of business is people, yesterday, today, and forever – Herb Kelleher

Over the years, we have earned a reputation for being reliable, solutions-driven, and fast to react.

We rise by lifting others – Robert Ingersoll

Our Virtues


Ethical and transparent. Holding fast to our moral codes and values.


Responsible and dependable. Dedicated in every project collaboration.


Resourceful in identifying the most effective solution to our client’s problems.

Meet The Founder

Harro has spent his entire career, and the majority of his childhood in Asia. Our UK business partner Robert says he has been in Asia too long, because he thinks like an Asian.

He got involved in furniture when he first arrived in Malaysia in 1993, and he likes the fact that furniture combines trends like fashion, design, and engineering.

Harro has a strong appreciation for well thought through, considered design, made of good materials, and successful brands that go against the grain to carve out a niche.

Brand Influences

Some of the brands that have influenced how Harro thinks are Mercedes Benz and Porsche, for being engineering led companies with great product development.

Southwest Airlines, who put their customers’ interest first and give their employees flexibility to make the right decisions. And Singapore Airlines, for their attention to detail, and discipline to the highest levels of service.

Hong Kong airport stands out for its great design in creating a feeling of spaciousness. As you can tell transportation and travel are a big part of who he is.


We have taken the best of East and West to create this exciting brand.

Asian service and helpfulness, hard work, flexibility to get things done, and a very strong manufacturing capability. Western efficiency, engineering, and an established beautiful design language.

For those companies who have worked with us over the past 30 years, we thank you for the confidence you have placed in us.

Those companies we have yet to meet, we look forward to getting to know you and helping you create great workspaces.

Harro Koopmans

Our Projects